Why do I travel on my bicycle?

Last November, when I took my bike around Sri Lanka, an arduous journey that left me with serious mental and physical bruises, there was one question I was frequently asked ….

Different gears, still speeding: The Kaladhungi One Day Classic

‘It’s not the mountain that we conquer, but ourselves.’                                                                                                               ~ Sir Edmund Hillary Haldwani – Kaladhungi – Nainital In the mountains, there are only two grades – you can ….

Cycling’s RocknRoll star: The invasion of Peter Sagan

If yours is a cycling household then it is very certain that watching cycling also becomes part of the obsession. When an amateur cyclist is not on the bike, he is usually watching hours of footage, devoting all his free time to hero worshiping.

Sri Lanka Day 2: a wild sheep chase

I woke up from a long and well deserved sleep at 11am. I cuddled muself a little more and finally headed out for brunch. I wanted to walk around the ….

Sri Lanka Day 1: The Colombo Striptease

‘The moon is made of some sort of dairy product, probably cottage cheese.’ – Nasseruddin Shah, Waiting(2015) I arrived in Colombo at 9pm. While I waited in the immigration line, the ….

A sunday in hell: The Morni One Day Classic

845AM. Saturday Morning. I find myself at Chote Lal’s tea stall at the Faridabad toll, sipping bubbling hot tea and chilled Sprite at the same time. I couldn’t decide which ….