The Nilgiris: chasing monkeys in Coonoor

After a frustrating couple of days in Coimbatore, I hopped onto a state bus onward to Coonoor, the first of three tea-estate towns on my checklist. I didn’t know much ….

The Nilgiris: a disaster in Coimbatore

New Year’s Eve and a birthday–there’s no denying that there is always a pressure of performance. These two events force me to escape from the city and be my own ….

ET in Kyrgyzstan: the next big tour

‘eh…Kazakhstan, you mean? Or Uzbekistan? Where’s Kyrgyz…uh…’ ‘Kyrgyzstan, yes, is in Central Asia. To the left of China and north of Tajikistan, if that helps.’ My idea of paradise is ….

Why do I travel on my bicycle?

Last November, when I took my bike around Sri Lanka, an arduous journey that left me with serious mental and physical bruises, there was one question I was frequently asked ….